Health Wise… Protect your eyes!!!

Does your homeschooling family have a detailed itinerary for the summer months??? Ours does…

  • Home Improvements
  • Go the the Beach
  • Summer Math
  • Quality time Outdoors
  • Eye Exams
  • Dental Check-ups
  • Physicals

Did you notice the last three items on our list? They are all very important to the health of a growing boy or girl. K.B. went to the optometrist today and the great news is he has 20/20 vision!!! Allot of kids aren’t as fortunate, though, and early detection is key to better grades, higher reading skills, and optimum eye health. My suggestion: schedule a vision screening with your local optometrist this summer for your children of any age!

Would you like more info about eye health for the whole family??? Follow this link:

Or contact:

National Eye Institute

2020 Vision Place

Bethesda, MD 20892-3655





Ready for an Adventure???

Hey there!!! Thanx for visiting my blog. My name is TY. I am 21 yr.s old, a lisensed EMT-B, a trained florist, a graduate from a public high school and I homeschool an amazing 6th grade lil’ boy! You may think… hmmm, nothing so odd about that. There are probably hundreds of blogs about homeschooling middle schoolers! Yes, but there is one difference when it comes to this blog: the amazing 6th grade lil’ boy I homeschool is my amazing 12 yr. old lil’ brother!!! I don’t know if I am alone in the universe. I don’t know if I am the only person in the world who homeschools who is not a parent. That is one reason I have created this blog. Sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, second-cousins twice-removed, anybody who can give me a little company or who has any advice for me (Including parents who homeschool or anyone else I didn’t list) are welcome on my blog anytime. And, hopefully, you will take something from my blog. A new craft project, an easy way to teach the division of fractions, what happens when a 12 yr. old downs your cup of morning joe while your out of the room, and maybe even a new look at life. So, the question is… Are you ready for an ADVENTURE???